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SNS: Transitioning to Renewables Using Distributed Energy

SNS: Transitioning to Renewables Using Distributed Energy


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Vol. 26 Issue 19

Transitioning to Renewables Using Distributed Energy

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the World’s Largest Machine
  • Enter the Two-Way Grid
  • Path to Solution
  • Commercial Rooftop Solar vs. Grid-Supplied Electricity
  • The Future of the Grid
  • In Conclusion


Publisher’s Note: Most technology entrepreneurs just love to hear that something important is either impossible or will take a few lifetimes to achieve. All of us have seen too many examples of the result being disruption in just a few years.

Nowhere is this truer than with the world’s current grid designs. For those interested in the solution sets to global warming (that would include all our members, of course), you likely are already aware that the grid itself is the greatest challenge – I mean, opportunity – facing the revolution toward using renewables.

Add to this the intentional “go slow” cautions from the entrenched players, together with outright misinformation, and you have the perfect staging for real positive change. Those looking for proof need look no further than the EU, where daily country energy usage can hit very high percentages already.

Is creating a new grid design do-able? Sure. And having the right technology can speed it along. How? Read on — mra.

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