SNS: Special Letter: The Connected Car as Platform

SNS: Special Letter: The Connected Car as Platform


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 17, Issue 38
Week of October 13, 2014

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Feature: Special Letter: The Connected Car as Platform

  • Why Can’t the Automakers Deliver the Experience People Expect?
  • Convergence
  • What Is a Connected Car, Really?
  • Size of the Market
  • Why an Open Platform: 8 Million Use Cases
  • Why This Really Matters
  • Changing Behavior via Smart Devices
  • Timing Is Everything
  • About Jay Giraud


Publisher’s Note: Everyone knows the term “the connected car,” and I would guess that most of our members have already looked into its commanding role within the future Internet of Things. But there is a deeper view available of this new mobile – and very personal – technological universe, one which required years to create and which was perhaps beyond the purview of carmakers.

This week’s issue looks at the Connected Car as a Platform, and for this, it was necessary that many manufacturers’ vehicles be, first of all, connectable – not something a given automaker would lead. Second in the line of why this took a while: carmakers not only think in long cycles, as the author describes, but they also think – differently. It was going to take a different kind of team to look at cars from outside, from the perspective of a software user, in order to achieve software platform status among a large variety of customers and owners.

I’ve been watching Mojio for a fairly long time now, and its current work strikes me as being world-class, “breakthrough good.” I think those members interested in the most fertile of new IoT innovation platforms will all agree that it isn’t the fusion reactor, or the refrigerator, or the PC. It’s the car, now its own computing and communications platform. – mra.

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