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SNS: AI and the Cloud

SNS: AI and the Cloud


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Week of 04/16/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 14

AI and the Cloud

  • The Cloud: A Money Machine Based on Client/Server
  • AI: Too Much A, Not Enough I
  • The Problem

Quotes of the Week

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  • The NVIDIA DGX-2
  • Why NVIDIA Is Beating Intel at AI
  • GIGO, Or: Poop In, Poop Out


  • QC: AI to the Edge
  • New Qualcomm Platform for AI on the Edge
  • That Didn’t Take Long Department: Consumer Suit vs. FB Over FR
  • Mark in Sweden



“AI and the Cloud

Where is the money in technology today? In the cloud.

What is the hottest topic and investment target in technology today? Artificial intelligence.

What if they weren’t the perfect fit everyone assumes?

The Cloud: A Money Machine Based on Client / Server

No one needs to be convinced that the cloud is where the money is. Amazin’ led the way, taking over Microsoft’s Seattle lead in virtually all metrics, largely due to its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud success. Salesforce threatened Oracle by launching as a cloud-based service, and today Oracle is Everything Cloud, from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS to Marketing and Autonomous Database operations in the cloud. Microsoft got the message, and Satya Nadella took the CEO post under the banner “Cloud and Mobile.” Today, it’s just cloud.

Google, by some measures the inventor of the cloud and/or holder of the largest cloud, was almost last to come to the idea of opening the cloud for outside business, versus using it to run its massive search and advertising operations.

If one happened to need confirmation of the importance of the cloud, Microsoft’s latest restructuring last week, putting the cloud (and its captive leverage from Office 365) above Windows, could be taken as that signal. Veteran Windows chief Terry Myerson is now out, and cloud exec Scott Guthrie is now in charge of a newly formed engineering group running – you guessed it – cloud and AI.

What’s this new team called? Cloud + AI Platform….”

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