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SNS: Pattern Recognition: AI for the Next IA

SNS: Pattern Recognition: AI for the Next IA


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 18, Issue 20
Week of May 25, 2015
In This Issue

Feature: Pattern Recognition: AI for the Next IA

  • The Human Side
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Humans As Relationships
  • The Machine
  • The Human / Machine Relationship
  • Machine Love

Quotes of the Week

Takeout Window

  • Naikon Espionage Group vs. ASEAN
  • LG’s New OLED TVs
  • Viv: The Great Internet Assistant?
  • Cloud-Based IoT Security
  • 3D Printing with Graphene: We’re Getting Closer —-

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Netflix Neutered?
  • Sherry Chen: “Not Charged” Is Different from “Not Guilty”
  • HP: Selling Out or Pushed Out?
  • Tech Bubble: Yes
  • Housing: It’s Different This Time
  • China Crash? Yes (Kind Of)
  • RICK, Not BRIC
  • Phabs: CarryAlongs Split by Age
  • The UK in the EU: Yes
  • The US and Chinese Equity Markets
  • Charter Bid for Time Warner: An FCC Pass



It turns out that the same skills I’ve been using and espousing since 1995 – based on pattern recognition – are those that have provided the breakthrough in AI, and, soon, in the next Internet Assistant.

No matter what one calls the latest wave of assistants – Internet Assistants (our term), Intelligent Assistants, Conversational Assistants (Viv Labs’ term), Personal Assistants – or what name one gives them (Siri, Ava, Alex, Cortana, Google Now), it’s clear that we want to think of them as fellow human beings, trapped in a box and awaiting  our every command.

This is not the case.

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