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SNS Annual Predictions for 2021

SNS Annual Predictions for 2021


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Vol. 25 Issue 47

SNS Annual Predictions for 2021

  • Theme for 2021: Power Struggles
    • The Economic Landscape
    • The Technology Landscape
  • Top Ten Predictions for 2021

Quotes of the Week

On Our Radar

  • Top Ten Predictions for 2020
  • Graded Accuracy on Past SNS Predictions

The INVNT/IP Digest


As members are aware, we recently released our predictions for 2021 in a FiReSide event; you can view that recorded event, as a benefit of membership, here.

It is important to note that the release of this information took place on December 3, 2020; already (see below) we are seeing announcements and events that fit into these patterns and predictions.

In this week’s issue, my intent is to provide a guide to my thinking on the year ahead. As in past years, this begins with laying out the basic landscapes, which, thanks to the Wuhan virus, is a bit different. (Why am I reverting to this original name? Because the CCP has mounted a massive global propaganda campaign aimed at convincing Chinese and world citizens that the virus first showed up in Italy, or America, or – anywhere but China.)

Also, instead of putting the main ideas into smaller paragraphs, I am trying the experiment of making larger, clearer statements, highlighted for effect. The idea here is to move from a detail-driven, very long conversation to getting the main points across and allowing enough intellectual “breathing room” for members to stop often, digest, make inner comments and arguments, compare with your own ideas of what’s coming, and come to useful conclusions.

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