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SNS Annual Predictions for 2022

SNS Annual Predictions for 2022


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Vol. 26 Issue 47

SNS Annual Predictions for 2022

  • Theme for 2022: Righting the Ship
    o The Economic Landscape
    o On Other Countries
    o The Technology Landscape
    o Graded Accuracy on Past SNS Predictions
  • Top Ten Predictions for 2022

As members are aware, we recently released our predictions for 2022 at our virtual annual Predictions event; you can view that recorded session here, as a benefit of membership.

Because we’re sharing the complete recorded session – together with discussions and Q&A – I have refrained from sending out a transcript or converting all of my thoughts on the economic, technological, and country landscapes upon which these Top Ten Predictions are based.

Rather, I’ve outlined a greater number of predictions in all of these areas, in the hopes that they are both clear and more numerous – and therefore, of greater use to our members.

As in 2020’s Predictions recap, the idea here is to move from a detail-driven, very long conversation to getting the main points across and allowing enough intellectual breathing room for members to stop often, digest, make inner comments and arguments, compare with their own ideas of what’s coming, and come to useful conclusions.

Here are the landscapes, followed by the Top Ten Predictions for the year ahead.

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