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SNS: Augmenting Immunity II: Autoimmune Diseases and Summary

SNS: Augmenting Immunity II: Autoimmune Diseases and Summary


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Week of 2/6/2017    
Vol. 22 Issue 6

FEATURE: Augmenting Immunity II: Autoimmune Diseases and Summary

  • The Autoimmune Problem
  • T-Cell Regulation: Solving Two Problems at Once?
  • Underlying Patterns
  • Summary

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We’ve coined the term Augmented Immunity (“AugI”) to address the patterns of effective discoveries deriving from treatments that collectively share the attributes of harnessing the patient’s own immune system to combat disease. We’ve also coined the acronym TAR to describe the three primary aspects of augmented immunity successes: Target, Amplify, and Regulate.
In Part I, we described the overall approach under the category of AugI, and then focused on recent successes (and the companies behind them) in treating cancer. In Part II, we will shift to related work, still under AugI, in treating autoimmune diseases – a class that has essentially been considered incurable, at least until now.

The Autoimmune Problem

What are autoimmune diseases? Everyone knows them by name: multiple sclerosis, diabetes types I and II, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, polymyalgia, and others. They are classed together because they share the common attribute of resulting from the body’s immune system attacking its own cells.
As SNS members will see at the end of this discussion, there is every reason to believe that these two disease types – cancer and autoimmune diseases – are closely related, and may in fact be seen as mirrors of the same problem. They may even share treatments.
But let’s start with current research…

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