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SNS: Special Letter: An Earth Energy Monitoring System

SNS: Special Letter: An Earth Energy Monitoring System


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Week of 1/30/2017    
Vol. 22 Issue 5

FEATURE:Special Letter: An Earth Energy Monitoring System

  • The Flow of Energy
  • Earth’s Energy Flows
  • Changes to Earth’s Energy Flows
  • The Importance of Data in Diagnosis
  • The Power of Flows
  • Potential Scientific and Social Impacts of E2MS
  • About the Authors
  • Lee S. Hall
  • Nathanael Miller
  • Hans-Peter Plag
  • Roy Popiolek


Publisher’s Note: Recent FiRe participants will be well aware that we have moved to a new charter, combining the same advanced knowledge and predictive strengths in technology and the global economy with the creation of new companies and initiatives, staffed (and often funded) either onstage or soon thereafter.
The Earth Energy Monitoring System, being revealed for the first time here, is just such an initiative, staffed by brilliant technical leads from around the world, already meeting regularly and planning a massive new global system for understanding the planet’s systems.
If global warming is the most daunting problem facing nations today, those among us who studied physics or chemistry know that temperature is only a “symptom” – energy, its cause, is the real “disease.” To understand the changes happening daily to the planet now, we must build a tool, a system, that allows the citizens of the world and their leaders a clear, real-time visualization of planetary energy flows.
Fortunately, that is exactly what is happening right now. Read on to learn about the most important, and most challenging, project in technology today. – mra.


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