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SNS: China’s Plan for Germany

SNS: China’s Plan for Germany


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Vol. 25 Issue 19

China’s Plan for Germany

  • The Landscape
  • What China Wants
  • Three Quick Takes
  • The Autonomous Electric Vehicle
  • Germany
  • China’s Plans for Germany
  • What Matters Now
  • Summary

Quotes of the Week

On Our Radar

  • Elon Launched Humans into Space
  • Tesla’s Web Page vs. Xpeng’s Web Page

The INVNT/IP Digest



“You have done the best work to date on understanding the Chinese national business model.” – US Department of Justice (then) Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, on SNS INVNT/IP and our publication “Theft Nation.”


Never let it be said that China doesn’t have a plan.

A very large number of China’s – and the world’s – plans and trends have come to a focused pivot in the last few months, accelerated by the (CCP-, Wuhan-) C-19 virus.

In this week’s issue, we will provide the landscape for this change, detail the motivations and other drivers, and provide a new view of current global economic affairs.

More important, we will try to lay out the costs, for companies and countries, of getting this wrong. And while the outcome of this struggle may affect most of the globe, its resolution is, to a frightening degree, in the hands of a single person.

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