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SNS: The Information Warfare Ahead

SNS: The Information Warfare Ahead


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Vol. 25 Issue 18

The Information Warfare Ahead

  • The New Environment for Information Warfare
  • The Players, Strategies, and Tactics of Election 2020 Information Warfare
  • Competing Victory Conditions Blur the China-Russia Relationship

Publisher’s Note: SNS members will recall that we were the first to create the term CRINK, and to define its existence. At that time, now a few years ago, the great worry was the military cooperation between China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Unfortunately, that prediction / discovery became real to everyone in the world. (When we first announced it, the head of Britain’s MI6 denied it publicly.)

Today, that current version of Reagan’s “Evil Empire” has moved beyond conducting shared military adventures only by land, air, and sea. While the “little fat man” plays his small role as China’s puppet, and Russia works to wipe out US oil and gas suppliers, China has joined Russia in the high-stakes pursuit of manipulating their enemies’ information.

In this week’s Global Report, Berit Anderson, who first broke the story of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US election, describes what’s next, and what free people can do about it. – mra

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