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SNS: Corona: The Missing Data

SNS: Corona: The Missing Data


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Week of 3/02/2020
Vol. 25 Issue 8

Corona: The Missing Data

  • I: Introduction: Latent Parameters and New Metrics
    • Latent Variables
  • II: The US Status: Bracing for Impact
    • Reasons to Believe the US Outbreak Is Far Worse Than Reported
    • Policy Solutions
    • Personal Action Items

The Viral Economy, Part 4

Quotes of the Week

Takeout Window

  • The FBI on China


  • The INVNT/IP Digest


This week, we’re going to look at the COVID-19 virus story not from the perspective of what we know, but rather – and more important – what we do not know.

Yesterday a (non-technical) friend in the hospitality business asked me what I thought about the virus and its impacts. I told him the virus is like a mirror, with the epidemic(s) showing us things about our countries and ourselves that are both good and bad.

Clearly, a lack of good data would be at the top of the latter list.

While China’s global propaganda machine has ramped into full steam ahead, praising Xi for his leadership, the rest of the world stands back in wonder at the lies, delays, firings, deaths, and overall inconsistency between Chinese states with regard to data reportage. I don’t think our members will find anyone, inside or outside China, who believes the government’s numbers. This lack of data integrity has been the largest impediment to global success in preventing and treating the disease.


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