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SNS: The Future of AI-Human Interaction in Medicine

SNS: The Future of AI-Human Interaction in Medicine


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Week of 3/9/2020
Vol. 25 Issue 9

The Future of AI-Human Interaction in Medicine

A Discussion With Caitlin Cameron, Shalev Lifshitz, and John Mattison

Moderated by John Wells

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The Viral Economy, Part 5

Publisher’s Note: It will not be immediately obvious to members who were not at FiRe, but this week’s transcript of a critically important subject – AI, ethics, and healthcare – was joined not only by two experienced veterans, but also by a special guest we were able to recruit from Canada. Caitlin Cameron is the head of our regional biotechnology trade association and CEO of one of our most successful new medical device startups. John Mattison is a bit of a living legend, having had a personal role in the creation of the Valley, and serving now as CHIO of Kaiser Permanente. Veterans, both. And Shalev Lifshitz, in addition to the fact that he is working in a university and hospitals in Waterloo, Ontario, happens to be one of the smartest – and most motivated – high-school students I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We flew Shalev down to FiRe this year, believing he would make a real contribution to this conversation. What transpired instead, which we should have guessed, is that he lit the room on fire with his optimism, intelligence, and imagination. These are the moments that make FiRe great.

Our members don’t have to care about how old Shalev was during this event. Just enjoy the quality of the conversation these three amazing entrepreneurs had together on this important subject. Wow. – mra

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