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SNS: I’ll See You on the Moon: Emerging Tech With Real Promise

SNS: I’ll See You on the Moon: Emerging Tech With Real Promise


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Vol. 25 Issue 41

I’ll See You on the Moon: Emerging Tech With Real Promise

  • 1. Energy
  • 2. Information
  • 3. Transportation
  • 4. Automation
  • 5. Medicine
  • A Brilliant Future

For those of you who were expecting this week’s issue to be about the elephant in the room (personally I intend to go into one of those soundproof isolation tanks for a week after writing this; let me know what happened when I get out), it will hopefully be a welcome surprise that, unless that elephant is shaped like key emerging technologies, it’s not. This week, we’re looking forward not weeks or months into the future, but a few years.

As we’re all aware, many technologies developed or under development today have the ability to drastically improve our lives. When we think about the future of our nation, continent, or globe, flowery, audacious visions have hovered in the human imagination throughout history (magazines about flying cars, anyone?).

Today we are going to talk about technologies that not only can, but also will, shape the near future. These industries may be less fantastic than a reader of a ’50s-era Scientific American would hope, but they are no less audacious. We will examine two promising fields in five major categories.

Whether you’re an investor, a research scientist, a policy wonk, or just a regular old consumer, these industries represent some of the most important strategic areas for the coming years. Those who own, control, and know how to utilize each can build the kind of future we all want to live in, and earn massive returns doing so.

Those who own these sectors will also be the global leaders of tomorrow – both nations and companies.

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