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SNS: Letter From India: Modi in India 2015: Still Learning How to Govern?

SNS: Letter From India: Modi in India 2015: Still Learning How to Govern?


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 20, Issue 43
Week of November 30, 2015

In This Issue

Feature: Letter From India: Modi In India 2015: Still Learning How To Govern?

  • China’s Slowdown
  • The Unemployment Conundrum
  • China Effects: Importers Rather Than Exporters
  • Something About Strategies
  • BJP Performance Issues
  • Playing Political Factions: The Inside Game
  • Legacy or Laziness?
  • Focus on Foreign vs. Domestic Issues
  • The Pakistan Problem
  • The Nepal / China Problem
  • About Rafiq Dossani

Publisher’s Note:  India is the wild card of Asia: always full of promise, but never quite achieving the goals of its citizens, or investors. The world had terrific hopes that PM Modi’s election, with the strong mandate behind it, would help India move forward as a business force, as a political ally of the West, as a modern nation, and as a new presence on the tech and innovation stage.

What happened?

At a time when most outsiders thought that India was competing with China to take the lead in Asia’s race into the new century, it seems that the opposite may be true. Our members have the extreme good fortune of seeing the “inside baseball” version of what has recently taken place in business and politics in India, through the eyes of our well-connected and longtime India Editor, Rafiq Dossani. If you care about Asian finance and politics, you will be glad you read this discussion. – mra.


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