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SNS: Looking Back at Looking Forward: SNS at 25

SNS: Looking Back at Looking Forward: SNS at 25


In This Issue
Vol. 25 Issue 22

Looking Back at Looking Forward: SNS at 25

  • Getting Science Backwards
  • Our Journey: A Random Walk Through Diamond Fields
  • Okay – Let’s Talk About Money
  • Technology
  • Projects
  • Pure Science
  • SNS Divisions
  • Crash-and-Burn Failures
  • Summary
  • – And Thank You to the Team

Quotes of the Week

  •   Testimonials: SNS 2020 Survey

On Our Radar

  • SNS in Pictures: Now & Then Galleries

The INVNT/IP Digest


There are different ways of thinking about our experiences together as SNS members over the last 25 years.

For example, almost all of our members have gone through the personal arc of moving from Explorer to Hunter / Gatherer to Builder. For some of us, it is a daily affair, or by project; for others, this describes the path of our careers.

At the same time, our experiences together seem to sort into four very large categories, which also have an internal hierarchy: Predictions, Innovations, Discoveries, and Projects.

In addition to doing important, predictably valuable things for our members, we also have a strong history of providing unpredictably valuable things for our members. Among these, early on in SNS, was the idea of sharing haiku, either member-made or from the ancients. What a great way to spark new ideas! In fact, we programmed a Haiku Engine, geared to the seasons (as they were, in ancient Japan), which arrived with each new SNS for several years. In this anniversary issue, we will share many of these with you, and hope they help to recall those times, and guide your way into the future —

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