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SNS: Minding the Gap and Keeping Calm: The UK Strategy

SNS: Minding the Gap and Keeping Calm: The UK Strategy


SNS Subscriber Edition
Week of 4/25/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 15

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Feature: Minding the Gap and Keeping Calm: The UK Strategy

  • The UK Worry List
  • How Britain Really Makes Money

Quotes of the Week

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  • How the UK Makes Money – and How Much It Makes
  • The University of Manchester National Graphene Institute
  • SNS and INVNT/IP: UK Secretary of State for Defence and MP Michael Fallon
  • The Gold Caravan
  • The Apparent Current British Economic Strategy: “It’s in the Bag”

Upgrades and Numbers

  • ARM Numbers


I am writing this week’s issue from a hotel room high above London. And the reason I’m writing it is simple, based on a straightforward question: How can one of the most important economic and political powers in the world have no apparent strategy?

SNS members already know my attitude about companies without a strategy one can put into a single sentence: sell. Sell it all, and sell it quickly.

We are currently working on a great project with Deloitte’s Bill Ribaudo (whose Special Letter comes to you next week), taking his work on company business models and Wall Street valuations based on those models and applying the same approach to country valuations – i.e., GDP. But how does one value a once-great nation which may still be great, but about which no one can describe a strategy?

Or is it, as many Britons are currently asking themselves, still great – and if so, in what ways?

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