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SNS: The Power of Flows II: New Theory and Applications

SNS: The Power of Flows II: New Theory and Applications


SNS Subscriber Edition
Week of 8/8/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 28

In This Issue
Feature: The Power of Flows II: New Theory and Applications

  • Biological Flows: The Cell
  • Biological Flows: Circadian Rhythms
  • What Is Time?
  • Flow Economics: Grand Global Disruptions
  • Energy Flows: Climate Change: The Planetary EMS
  • Flow Economics: The IP Flow Map
  • The Power of Complexity: Flow and Resistance
  • Flow Computing

Quotes of the Week

Takeout Window

  • Gigafactory
  • The Wonders of Graphene: The 1-Lb. Bike Frame?
  • New Russian Designs: Magnetic 3D Bioprinting in Space


  • Jeff Bezos and the DoD
  • The New China / Russia Navy?
  • Hillary Loses?
  • Apple in China
  • Is Deutsche Bank Insolvent?
  • Yes on May
  • The US Election, the Free Trade Debate, and the TPP



In our last regular SNS issue, I discussed the power of flows in nature and mathematics and introduced the concept and systems redesign we are calling “Flow Computing,” with a series of examples indicating its importance for all technology firms and customers working with Big Data.

Having described the forces driving systems architectures toward flow concepts in general, and toward this new Flow Computing architecture specifically, it seems only fair to ask in this week’s discussion whether there are compelling applications, theoretical foundations, and new discoveries that will support such a large-scale paradigm switch.

The answer is, Of course there are.

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