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SNS: Protecting Your IP Flows: A FiRe 2016 Panel

SNS: Protecting Your IP Flows: A FiRe 2016 Panel


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Week of 1/9/2017    
Vol. 22 Issue 2

FEATURE: Protecting Your IP Flows: A FiRe 2016 Panel

  • About the Panelists
  • Jeff Hudson
  • Evan Anderson
  • Richard Marshall
  • Daniel McGahn


Jeff Hudson: We’ll get to the sadder part. So China is stealing intellectual property with impunity. They take inventing countries’ IP – companies like American Superconductor’s IP – they do it with impunity, there are no laws that reach to them, there’s no ethical or moral boundaries or strictures that they work under. So now I’d like to introduce a very smart group of people that are going to hold a conversation with all of us about what this is about and what we need to do about it.

First of all, my name is Jeff Hudson. I’m the CEO of Venafi, and we fight the bad guys, like China, on behalf of our global customers – the Global 5000 – every day. [Gesturing to Evan Anderson] Introduce yourself.

Evan Anderson: Evan Anderson, Director of Research, INVNT/IP.

Richard Marshall: Rich Marshall. I’m the wringer in the group. Picture me 20 years younger, 40 pounds lighter, with a ponytail. I was a hacker. The statute of limitations has run out [laughter]. So, I’ve done a lot of policy work at the national level and also with corporate groups to help formulate strategies to help address this particular issue.

McGahn: I’m glad I’m sitting far from the hacker; that’s good. [Marshall scoots closer, laughter] Now …

Marshall: I’ve already got your password.

McGahn: You’re funny. The funny thing is I don’t really log in, so you could tell me what it is and I don’t think you’d really get anything.

I’m Daniel McGahn. I’m the president and CEO of American Superconductor. [Gesturing to Hudson] Is that what you wanted? I want to make sure we deliver what you ask us.

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