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SNS: Redefining Country GDP

SNS: Redefining Country GDP


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Week of 7/17/2017
Vol. 22 Issue 26

SNS: Redefining Country GDP: National Business Models and IP Flows – A FiRe Conversation

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Publisher’s Note: In this week’s transcript, members will be treated to the results of a truly impressive collaboration between Bill Ribaudo and his team of professionals at Deloitte, and our INVNT/IP. The result was the application of Bill’s deep work on the correlation between corporate business model types and market valuation, blended with our work on country-based national business models, all ranked by a new INVNT/IP IP Index.

This means that, perhaps for the first time, SNS members will be able to assess publicly published country GDPs through a set of lenses that filter and rank them for how they make money, what their models are, and whether they’re based more on innovation or theft, or something else.

Our view has long been that, in the post-Information Age, technology drives every sector of the economy, and IP is its asset class. In this interview, members will get a deep dive into exactly how this comes out (or does not) in published figures, and how and why real innovation is worth more in the long term than its theft or copying.

Finally, the titles of all involved have evolved since this transcript, so we must be doing something right. Bill Ribaudo was then Managing Partner of TMT at Deloitte & Touche, and is now Managing Partner of Deloitte Advisory’s Digital Risk Venture Portfolio; Evan Anderson was Director of Research at INVNT/IP and is now CEO; and I’m still creating new companies and getting out of old jobs as fast as I can find the right people.

I believe all of our members will benefit deeply from seeing the difference between the GDP numbers they read daily (China, now in recession, just released its latest “good news” figure of 6.9% growth) and what we now would call the “IP-adjusted” GDP figures. – mra.

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