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SNS: Special Letter: Nutritional Microanalysis: From Theory to Practice

SNS: Special Letter: Nutritional Microanalysis: From Theory to Practice


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Week of 07/30/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 25

Special Letter: Nutritional Microanalysis: From Theory to Practice

  • Flashback on Nutritional Microanalysis
  • Nutrient-Rich Diets
  • Biochemistry and AI Technology: An Aggregation Story
  • Healthcare Economics: Chronic Spending and Chronic Disease
  • About Denyse Hudson

As I did research for this piece on Nutritional Microanalysis (NM), I was amazed at just how much information is on the net regarding the NM concept of obtaining the biochemical makeup of all inputs that enter our bodies and how to use those results to better our own health. From biochemical breakdown of foods to diets alleviating chronic disease symptoms to applications of AI in the world of nutrition, one can spend countless hours digging to find new patterns that will make all the difference in personalized and quantified health.

During this search, I stopped and asked myself: What are the obstacles in the NM picture? Numerous researchers, companies, and even physicians are providing bits and pieces to assist in igniting the NM concept, yet we still have an epidemic of chronic diseases that aren’t benefitting from the lessons of NM. For these reasons, my first research question moved from “What is new in the world of NM?” to “What’s stopping the world of NM?”

In this discussion, I’ll provide a quick refresher on the birth of nutritional microanalysis, how NM has progressed to date, and the road blocks currently holding it back. These should be our focus as we work to more closely approach SNS member Dr. Larry Smarr’s description of the “Quantified Self.” Our goal here is to ensure the availability of information, help members understand these discoveries, and live longer, healthier lives.

Bon appetit!   –dh.

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