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SNS: Technology, Policy, and Security in an All-Digital Age

SNS: Technology, Policy, and Security in an All-Digital Age


SNS Subscriber Edition
Week of 2/22/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 7

In This Issue

Feature: Special Letter: Technology, Policy, and Security in an All-Digital Age

  • All-Digital Leadership
  • Consolidation of Multinational Communications
  • International Technology Standards Evolution – Alphabet Soup
  • Global Government Surveillance and Data Collection
  • Implications for an All-Digital Age
  • About Chet Dagit

Publisher’s Note:  For most of us in the technology universe, things like FCC rulings, spectrum allocations, auctions and efficiency, and new advances in broadband compression and sharing are esoteric issues best handled and understood by someone else.

At this particular moment in time, as the greatest liberation of spectrum in history is about to occur, with the most heated battle over use and ownership, none of us can afford to be ignorant on the issues – nor, as this week’s Special Letter author, Chet Dagit, notes, to not be involved.

Whether your firm is in content or infrastructure, tools or applications, entertainment or productivity, the topics addressed in this week’s issue – and in ongoing conversations at law firms in Washington, DC, and in the Valley and in New York, and in the boardrooms of the major players – are going to lay a groundwork for communications of all kinds in the US for the next few decades.

For that reason alone, I suggest that all of our members take the time to self-educate on the problems, players, and solutions aired in this issue.  You may not amaze your friends at the next cocktail party, but you just may get that promotion during the next company strategy meeting. – mra.

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