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SNS: The Christmas Quarter

SNS: The Christmas Quarter


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 18, Issue 32
Week of August 24, 2015
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Feature: The Christmas Quarter

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  • Earth II, Part II: DSCOVR/Triana
  • China’s GDP
  • Reading the Politburo Through the Central Bank
  • China Targets Japan in Cyber Theft
  • Chinese Attacks by Type: An Academic View



I was tempted to write something more on China this week, given the effect of that nation’s destabilizing economic situation on global equity markets; and in fact, it now seems that we should offer perhaps two future issues: The SNS CEO’s Guide to China and The SNS Investor’s Guide to China. We are pleased to have warned members about the Chinese collapse before the markets fell, only to see subsequent mainstream headlines such as the Wall St. Journal’s “China’s Economy Is a Black Box.” We have no doubt that, for the WSJ, yes, it is; but we are happy that, for our members, it isn’t.

This week, however, we are bowing to tradition, and for many of the reasons that have investors on the edge of their chairs. Every August we write about the coming Q4 – the most important quarter, financially, for the technology community. It isn’t hard to guess that every technology product manager in the world is suddenly even more worried than investors when it comes to considering what is coming up. After all, this is the time – while consumers are still vacationing – when purchasing managers, retailers, wholesalers, and vendors are all ramping up (or down) their plans for who will buy what, and how much of it, in the Christmas Quarter.


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