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SNS: The Huawei Brief: A Matter of International Security

SNS: The Huawei Brief: A Matter of International Security


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Week of 2/25/2019
Vol. 24 Issue 7

The Huawei Brief: A Matter of International Security

  • Introduction
  • What Is Huawei?
  • Don’t Listen to the Noise
  • Question 1: Are Huawei Products Secure Enough?
  • Question 2: Can Huawei Be Trusted with the Sensitive Data It Handles?
  • Question 3: Is Huawei an Arm of the Chinese Government?
  • International Relations: Five Eyes Are Better Than Four
  • What Now?
  • About Evan Anderson


Publisher’s Note: The most important issue in global security today is the threat posed to free and democratic nations that are tempted to install 5G communications backbones containing equipment made by the Chinese firm Huawei. Those politicians and business leaders (often in poorer and/or rural regions) who consciously trade off lower price (thanks to Chinese Communist Party subsidies) for their own national security are, provably, putting their nations – not to mention companies – at near-certain risk. As though this weren’t bad enough, there has been a recent tendency among a few wealthier nations with strong Chinese export ties (in the face of a storm of Chinese threats and propaganda) to publicly question whether Huawei represents a security threat.

While these objections seem a thin veil covering export greed, we thought it time to put the question of Huawei’s true risk profile to rest.

In this discussion, Evan Anderson, CEO of our INVNT/IP ( consortium, provides a complete dossier on Huawei’s extensive security risks. As the author of our cabinet-level briefing report “Theft Nation,” featured on 60 Minutes in 2016 in “The Great Brain Robbery,” its best-watched investigative segment ever, Evan is uniquely qualified to make this assessment.

As he’ll point out, there is no longer any “wiggle room” around this question. Country leaders willing to exchange national security for money should now be called out for what they are: traitors. – mra

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