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SNS: “Theft Nation” Update

SNS: “Theft Nation” Update


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Week of 7/29/2019
Vol. 24 Issue 24

SNS: “Theft Nation” Update

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Publisher’s Note: When Evan Anderson’s “Theft Nation: How IP Theft Drives the Chinese National Business Model, and Its Effect Upon the Global Economy” was first published four years ago this month, it was available only to global leaders in intelligence, trade, and politics among the inventing nations of the world. Then we sold it to invited readers for $5,000 per copy for a few years. In today’s issue of SNS, because it’s time that everyone become aware of China’s practices, we are offering it to all SNS members worldwide, free of charge – and we invite you to share the link with others.

“Theft Nation” is the only book I’ve worked on that I can clearly say changed the world. When we first published it, its comprehensive description of the Chinese national business model – and that model’s effects on Inventing Nations – was as yet unknown. Because we chose to keep this on a restricted list at the beginning, available only to heads of state or one layer down, we called it a “cabinet-level briefing book.”

Using this publication, I was able to personally brief two Australian prime ministers, the head of the US NSA, the CTO of the CIA, the heads of US Trade and the FBI, and the White House National Security Council, as well as top officers at Commerce and State. In the UK, I used the book to brief the heads of MI6, GCHQ, the Cabinet Minister’s Office, and BIS, as well as intel heads in Germany and France. In every case, these experts were, at the time, unaware of the discoveries shared in the book about China’s secret and illicit economic programs for dominating its partners and, ultimately, a growing list of global markets.

During the last US election cycle, Evan and I worked to get copies into the hands of both presidential campaigns. We were rebuffed by the Hillary Clinton campaign, more than one of whose aides told us that she was not in listening mode, even among her team. On the other hand, we were able to get five copies into the Trump team’s hands prior to the election, and they seemed to welcome the input. When you read it, you’ll recognize the remarkable similarity to today’s US national policy toward China.

For this preview of the upcoming, updated edition of “Theft Nation,” the author has been kind enough to add a new preface, published below. While the current administration has done a textbook job of finally confronting China over its illegal economic tactics, there remains a growing need for citizens worldwide to gain a deeper understanding of China’s strategies, tactics, and ultimate goals, before it is too late.

I hope you will agree that this remains the most important book on world trade, the global economy, and the threat Chinese practices pose to Inventing Nations and world peace. – mra

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