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SNS: Virtual Reality

SNS: Virtual Reality


SNS Subscriber Edition
Week of 4/11/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 13

In This Issue

Feature: Virtual Reality

  • Q #1: Is It Real?
  • Q #2: Are There Physical Issues?
  • Q #3: Is the User Tethered?
  • Q #4: Is a New PC Required?
  • Q #5: Any Markets Beyond Entertainment?
  • Q #6: Will PCs Be Driving a VR Headset?

Quotes of the Week

Takeout Window

  • The Upcoming Sony PS-VR System
  • The New HTC/Valve Vive System
  • Chinese Counterfeits

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Another Amazing (Possible) 2D Material
  • Record 3D Printing Speeds, Thanks to “Carbon 3D”


Since our last discussion involved Augmented Reality, it seemed the right time to move from where the real money is to where the heat is. Despite its technical complexity, there are really only a few questions about virtual reality (VR) that matter. We’ll try to cover all of them here this week. Here is my version of the short list:

Question #1: Is it real?

Question #2: Are there physical issues, such as nausea, that limit users or time onboard?

Question #3: Is the user tethered?

Question #4: Does the user need to buy a new PC for an effective experience?

Question #5: Are there really substantial markets beyond entertainment, or is this just more of the same hype we saw in prior cycles? And:

Question #6: Will most PCs be driving a VR headset?

We could be snarky and add one more, regarding how many VR popularity waves it takes to fill a PC sales career, but – we already know the answer: Three.

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