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SNS: Asia Letter Q4 2018: Many Belts, Many Roads

SNS: Asia Letter Q4 2018: Many Belts, Many Roads


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Week of 10/01/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 32

Asia Letter Q4 2018: Many Belts, Many Roads

  • Quotes of Note
  • Yen Yuan Energy Trading
  • LNG Terminal in Bangladesh
  • LNG Terminal in Kamchatka
  • Many Belts, Many Roads
  • PM Mahathir Talks to China
  • New Zealand and Australia vs. China in Antarctica
  • Nissan, Honda, and Toyota Expand in China
  • Mitsubishi Electric Smiles on Made in China 2025
  • About Scott Foster


Quotes of Note

“If China and the US are going to throw bricks at each other’s windows, it pays to be the one that sells glass to both sides. That’s Japan.”

– Nicholas Smith, Equity Strategist at CLSA Japan (Bloomberg, 8/6/18)

“Politically, it’s a light in the increasing darkness of international politics. We are sending a clear message that you can count on us. We are predictable – both Japan and [the] EU – predictable and responsible and will come to the defence of a world order based on rules, freedom and transparency and common sense.

– Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, at the signing of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (The Guardian, 7/17/18)

“Some people look at Chinese investment with great hope. But the Chinese are not generous. In our experience they are very hard-nosed about how they invest. Until they attain the most beneficial conditions for themselves, they will not invest a single penny.”

– Timur Dugarzhapov, Editor of Novaya Buryatia, an independent journal headquartered in Ulan-Ude (Christian Science Monitor, 8/3/18)

“After the US pullout from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the condition which allows companies to sue governments is no longer something we need to fear. Also, there is less overwhelming dominance of America over the other countries. The previous government had already signed to become a member. We can’t withdraw without losing credibility, so we will have to go ahead with the CPTPP [Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership].”

– Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, indicating his support for the TPP minus America. (The Straits Times, 8/27/18)

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