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SNS: Behind 5G

SNS: Behind 5G


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Week of 11/26/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 36

Behind 5G

  • What Is 5G?
  • Behind 5G
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  • Global Politics and Infowars
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  • InSight Lands on Mars


“As we approach year’s end, we’re going to start seeing the rollout of the first 5G wireless systems, starting with Verizon in four markets in the US and moving through multiple carriers worldwide over the next few years. The first cities to have 5G will be Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

However, the most interesting aspects of 5G are neither its next-gen tech appeal nor the actual speeds involved. Instead, the most dramatic changes and highest stakes in this new rollout will be in contests, challenges, and achievements behind the scenes, generally opaque to most users and media reporters.

In fact, countries and companies are in a struggle for dominance – and even survival – based on the outcomes of this new competition, in ways that were not true for any earlier wireless standards. While most consumers think of 5G as a chance to get better reception for football or video games, national leaders and corporate CEOs see their futures made or threatened by who will win in the next couple of years.

To get a quick feel of what we’re talking about, let’s lay the foundation and then look at the problems behind the scenes.


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