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SNS: FiRe 2015 in Review

SNS: FiRe 2015 in Review


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 20, Issue 40
Week of November 2, 2015
In This Issue

Feature: Fire 2015 In Review

  • Global Firsts: Announcements Launched at FiRe 2015
  • Overview of Plenary Sessions
  • FiRe 2015 Awards
  • Testimonials

Fire Takeout Window

  • Thank You, Lt. Governor
  • The Tesla Test
  • FiRe Twitter Flow

SNS / FiRe Initiatives & Links

Publisher’s Note: Every year’s FiRe is different, and each, for being more ambitious, becomes more difficult to capture for this follow-on issue. We are again using as many live links, videos, radio chats, photos, and other media materials as we can to make this a near real-time experience for members who were not able to attend. An added challenge for this year: the many new announcements of technologies, products, and projects that had their first appearance, or even their creation, onstage at FiRe 2015.

In at least one case, a new company was born from our work onstage; and rumor has it that another is about to be formed. It seems that FiRe has become perhaps the most dynamic “conference” in the technology world. At a time when the rest of the world continues to play the Rolodex game, we are launched on a path of discovery and creation that makes FiRe an Idea Incubator, a Company Creator, an intellectual partner with universities and institutes, and – still – a roaring good time, as you will see below. – mra.

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