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Vol. 27 Issue 4


  • What Is Future in Review?
  • Let’s Get Interactive

FiRe 2022 AGENDA

Future in Review has never been a “normal” conference, and this year is no different. We’ve created the most impressive – and most essential – lineup of business, intelligence, and tech leaders solving global challenges you’ll find anywhere on Earth.

Due to the breadth of our work, we’ve sometimes struggled with how to describe FiRe to potential attendees, members, partners, and beyond.
Usually, we wind up with some combination of the following:

  • Q: What is Future in Review?
  • A: So, it’s a conference about the future of technology and the global economy, but it’s also where you go to meet the world’s best documentary filmmakers and most brilliant physicists. Or sometimes it’s about translating dog communication and making diagnostic use of their ability to positively identify specific diseases. Or how Eastern Europeans make political decisions as described by the Ukrainian ambassador to the US. Or what diet you should adopt for optimal health based on the most cutting-edge research on the microbiome and circadian rhythms.
  • Q: How is it different from other tech conferences?
  • A: For one thing, we actually go out of our way to help you meet our speakers. They will become your business partners, friends, and collaborators. The point of FiRe isn’t just to sit around and talk. We actually get things done. A lot of things. Like spin out companies from conference sessions and develop solutions to global challenges and brief global intelligence agencies to drive policy change.
  • Q: Can I pay to put my mid-level marketing person on stage?
  • A: Yeah, umm, no, we don’t allow PR fluff on stage. Only people and ideas that we find truly innovative or insightful and compelling.
  • Q: All of your last names are Anderson? Are you all related?
  • A: Yes. Well, not all. But most. (Mark, founder & CEO; Berit, COO; Evan, director of FiReHQ & FiReStarter Programs and CEO, INVNT/IP; Sally, editor-in-chief and FiReFilms managing director; Sharon, CEO of FiReFilms and former director of Programs.) Our dinner conversations are interesting, to say the least.

This might not be so evident to any Succession fans out there, but there are significant benefits to being part of a family company: for example, shared values of innovation, action, freedom of speech, and creativity. A commitment to moral and intellectual integrity.

And unlike most media sources out there, none of us worries that we’ll get fired for saying or writing what we believe to be true.

In fact, it’s our only mandate.

That matters, especially now.


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