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SNS: Pattern Computing

SNS: Pattern Computing


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Vol. 26 Issue 33

Pattern Computing:  From Pattern Recognition to Pattern Discovery,  From Prediction to Understanding

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Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the ai.Hamburg fAIstival, with longtime SNS members Ragnar Kruse and Petra Vorsteher at the controls.

The sweep and structure of this conversation allowed me to link virtually all of the historic steps that have led from early steps in pattern recognition, from the concept invention of the Pattern Recognition Processor to the creation of Pattern Computer Inc. at FiRe, and now into much deeper and more advanced technical discoveries made by the Pattern team.

Many members will immediately recognize the difference between the bounded world of neural networks and their abilities, and the achievements available when one starts instead with the mandate to find patterns.

For these reasons, I’ve decided, with permission from Petra and Ragnar, to share this interview with all of our SNS members this week. You can imagine that you’re sitting with your AI colleagues in Hamburg, and around the world, as you watch and listen in to this story, which I think you’ll find both exciting and useful: Woche | Session 2 – YouTube

Afterward, I hope you will consider emailing your thoughts to me. As you know,

Your comments are always welcome.

Mark Anderson

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