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SNS: Pattern Discovery: Science and Technology Beyond Hypotheses

SNS: Pattern Discovery: Science and Technology Beyond Hypotheses


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Week of 09/24/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 31

Pattern Discovery: Science and Technology Beyond Hypotheses

  • Pattern Discovery
  • Inside the Black Box
  • Summary
  • Relevant Works by Einstein

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“Today, it seems as though not a news cycle goes by without the announcement of a new invention, a new machine or device or tool, a new technological improvement. In science, the march of publications is incessant. As my favorite scientific librarian once put it, “The challenge is no longer how to remain abreast of the literature, but how to fall most strategically behind.”

And yet, where are the dramatically great inventions, the stunning new science, the shift in worldview that completely change how you see everything around you? SNS member Elon Musk’s rockets and cars are wonders of technological innovation, but I don’t lose any sleep marveling at them; I just think they’re terrific. Physicists, led by Einstein, successfully dumped the concept of the ether over a hundred years ago, but I’m an advisor to a team that’s working to understand dark energy and dark matter – without even knowing what they are, other than everywhere ether would’ve been.

In computing, we face similar challenges, as we encounter the many hyperbolic limits of Moore’s Law, computer storage vs. processor latency issues, materials science, and limits inherent to today’s AI tools.


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