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SNS: Resilient or Not?

SNS: Resilient or Not?


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Vol. 25 Issue 30

Resilient or Not?

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2020. The number at this point is beginning to feel like the sort of utterance that will give people shudders as they chat on their porches far into the future. From running jokes about disasters and 2020 Bingo cards to deeper concerns about pandemic-related long-term inflation and increased geopolitical turmoil, the world has a lot on its plate this year.

Nowhere today is this more obvious than in the field of economics. With the massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, the world’s businesses, workers, investors, and governments are all scrambling to answer a key question: Who will come out of this year scathed but alright, and who will not?

This week, I am attempting to answer this question on three planes that are most relevant, I hope, to our members. In the spirit of The Viral Economy (our virus-focused publication), I’ve done my best to add detail to the topography we all have to navigate in our finances, employment, and personal lives.



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