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SNS: The Future of Energy: Facing the “New Normal”

SNS: The Future of Energy: Facing the “New Normal”


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Week of 12/9/2019
Vol. 24 Issue 37

The Future of Energy: Facing the “New Normal”

  • Prologue
  • Adapting to the “New Normal” and Rethinking the Utility Business Model
  • The Future of Energy: Clean, Renewable, Distributed, and Easy
  • Distributed Energy Makes Financial Sense
  • The Impact of Decentralized Power
  • About James Wagoner
  • Joule Case President Alex Livingston at FiRe 2019


Publisher’s Note: For many people, from investors to customers, when they first see Joule Case’s high-design stacked storage systems, their immediate response is: I would like a few of those. While this may sound trivial at first read, it isn’t: this is exactly the curbside appeal that local energy storage will need if the the world is to move from polluting, centralized power distribution to a new future based on the opposite.

For those SNS members who are ready to go Now with moving to this final “missing bit” of the revamped power grid, please read on. Joule Case has properly understood that this part of the equation is not so much technical as it is commercial. Look out, Elon, here comes your next competitor. – mra


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