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SNS: The Origin of the Virus

SNS: The Origin of the Virus


In This Issue
Vol. 26 Issue 6

The Origin of the Virus

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Caveats
  • III. The Origin Story
  • IV. Summary
  • V. Accidental vs. Intentional
  • VI. Responsibilities
  • VII. Lessons Learned

Publisher’s Note: Occasionally we publish a piece of such immediate importance that we invite our members to share it freely, without requiring notification. This is such an issue. – mra

This may be one of the shortest Global Reports we have ever published.

What is the most important question facing the world today? Perhaps – aside from all of our personal answers – given its existential, global nature, the origin story of the Covid-19 virus is the answer. (As before, in this issue we will refer to it as the Wuhan virus, as a direct response to the massive global propaganda campaign by the Chinese Communist Party to place its point of release outside of China. That does not mean, as you will see, that its actual origins are not multiple, and do not to some degree lie elsewhere.)

Understanding how the virus came into being provides a critical foundation for the much-asked question of how we may avoid similar crises in the future. Once this question is resolved, we need to make sure our institutions have properly learned from this terrible excursion, before we return our attention elsewhere.

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