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SNS: 100% RENEWABLE, Part 2: The Road Ahead

SNS: 100% RENEWABLE, Part 2: The Road Ahead


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Vol. 27 Issue 38

100% RENEWABLE, Part 2: The Road Ahead

  • STEP 1: Unleash Distributed Renewable-Energy Development
  • STEP 2: Accelerate Demand-Response Deployment to Increase Energy Efficiency
  • STEP 3: Rewire Existing Transmission Lines to Increase Energy Transmission Capabilities
  • STEP 4: Increase Production and R&D of Energy Storage
  • STEP 5: Make Everything More Efficient
  • STEP 6: Unite the Grids

Why Read: This week, we continue our deep dive on the most essential and most convoluted tech ecosystem in the US – the electrical grid – and share a unique vision for transformation that will drive investment and economic growth and create a platform for entrepreneurialism.

A Note to Our Members

This Global Report is the second of a two-part Action Plan describing how the US can transition from the grid to 100% renewables.

We are deeply grateful for the advice and expertise that many of you have already provided in supporting our understanding of this most essential of industries – and to those who are already doing the technical, entrepreneurial, and strategic work necessary to advance this transition.

We would also like to thank our partners in this effort for lending their experience, networks, and visions for the future of the US grid:

  • To founding partner eleXsys for its innovation and visionary leadership in bringing the lessons of the Australian transition to the US and, in so doing, allowing us to literally review the future of the US grid
  • To Energy Storage partner Enersys for its innovation and leadership in energy storage and for its commitment to powering a distributed, renewable, and cyber-secure US grid

The full 100% Renewable Action Plan will be released publicly in the coming weeks, but we wanted you, as SNS members, to be the first to review it. We would very much appreciate your feedback, ideas, and thoughts on this week’s Global Report (and on Part I, published in our previous issue).

Building the future is a collaborative exercise. And you are all fantastic collaborators.

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