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SNS: A Gathering of Substance

SNS: A Gathering of Substance


SNS Subscriber Edition
Volume 18, Issue 34
Week of September 7, 2015
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Feature: A Gathering of Substance
– Conference Agenda: FiRe 2015

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  • A New Sea Shepherd
  • You Call That a Market?


  • How Sun Tzu Follower Xi Jinping Prepares for Obama


I’ve been to my share of tech conferences over the years.  Almost inevitably, I find myself looking for who will be there, rather than what they will be talking about.  After all, the “who” is the sexy thing, right?  Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk, or –

I believe FiRe has now hosted Elon Musk on seven different years, but this wasn’t because he was a big name at the time; quite the contrary. It was partly because, at least in the early years, he was already doing great things, and – more important – was clearly going to do much more.

That worked out.

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