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SNS: The Future of Analytics

SNS: The Future of Analytics


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Week of 03/12/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 9

The Future of Analytics

A Fire Conversation with Gahl Berkooz and Murray Cantor

Hosted by Robert F. Anderson


“Robert F. Anderson: We’ve seen lots of applications this week of some very sophisticated artificial intelligence systems; now we’re linking the financial piece into this. An interesting question that came up in some of our chats: How do you measure the intelligence quotient, the IQ, of one of these AI systems – whatever it’s called?

Murray Cantor: Oh. Well! Let’s get to that [laughing]. I want to set that up as sort of a larger question. We’ll start there, but I want to talk a lot about sort of the opposite of the problem that Gahl talked about [in earlier conversation].

We also have problems like what Aptage is facing, which is where we’re looking at AI for project management. In that case, what we don’t have is big datasets; we have small datasets, because at the beginning of a project, you have very little data … If it’s a new team, doing a new piece of work, you don’t really have a lot of data, but you still want to apply analytics to that; you want to be able to apply analytics to sort of predict what you’re doing.


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