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SNS: USEFUL FICTION: A Conversation with Peter Singer

SNS: USEFUL FICTION: A Conversation with Peter Singer


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Vol. 27 Issue 35

USEFUL FICTION: A Conversation with Peter Singer

Known for his adept blending of fiction and strategic and tactical insights, Peter W. (P.W.) Singer is one of the most prolific and most fascinating authors focused on national security. His books, from Ghost Fleet to LikeWar to Burn-In and more, have inspired a generation of forward-thinking officers, generals, intelligence analysts, and business leaders through their foresight of conflicts and technologies to come. His new organization, Useful Fiction, is focused on using those same skills to merge the power of storytelling with the critical “real” information an organization needs to succeed. His narratives are both entertaining and educational – and essential reading for anyone interested in future threats and opportunities, as well as how to motivate those around you to act on them.

It was my great honor to sit down with Peter recently to talk with him about both his earlier and more recent work and what he sees shifting in today’s threat environment. Whether you’re in government, business, or media, or are just a concerned citizen, Peter offers insights into how best to achieve your goals through the stories we use to relate to one another, and the patterns we see emerging in the near future. – Evan Anderson


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