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Slide THE HALF-PERCENT How a Few Awful Individuals Increasingly Threaten Our Future Read the Report Slide The Fate of the Ocean A Vision for a Fluorishing Future Read the Report Slide The Science of Innovation and Discovery Read the Report How to find and implement positive change Slide Preventing World War Water Turns out, water really is everything Read the Report Slide Time for India and Taiwan
to Team Up
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Slide Why the US Should Turn
Russia Into Its New BFF
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Slide KanineKliniks The Nose Knows Read the Report Slide 2 Degrees and You The average per-capita global carbon footprint necessary to slow global warming isn't as unattainable as it sounds. Get the Report Slide The Origin of
the Virus
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Slide What's Driving the
Global Chip Shortage
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The Pattern Future Finding the World's Great Secrets
and Predicting the Future
using Pattern Discovery
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Russia Flipped the US Election Read Now AI II: The Chips
that Drive it All
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Stealth Japan The Surprise Success of the World's First InfoMerc Economy
by Scott Foster
    Foreword by Mark Anderson
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Something has just happened at Amazon, and so far,
we've not seen a good description of the new strategy anywhere in the media.
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Theft Nation How IP Theft Drives the Chinese National Business Model
and Its Effects Upon the Global Economy

by Evan Anderson
    Foreword by Mark Anderson
The Perfect Surveillance System This week’s discussion was chosen and about half-written when WikiLeaks
released a data dump showing that the CIA, and perhaps others, are doing exactly
what, in this week’s issue, we describe under the above title.
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